Wekfest Hawaii 2017

It’s was that time again! After the holidays roll around, that’s when you know Wekfest is right around the corner!  Wekfest is one of those shows that people actually look forward to for the year.  New builds…..continue reading

Spocom Hawaii 2016

SPOCOM Hawaii 2016I covered the even a bit differently than I normally would. I focused more on the models, took wider shots, shots of new cars (that i haven’t seen in the show before or has a different look than last time), and everything else in between.  Spocom is definitely…..continue reading

SPhoto x VMN Tee

VMN Design_PostTee’s are basically finished but there’s just a couple more things I need to get done before release. Shooting for August 19 for the tees to drop. But here it is! Comes only in black. Black & white photo on the front. Logos on the back. Printed sizes inside the tee. Limited amount only so cop one once it drops!

Test print of the VMN x SPhoto collab tee

VMN Test Print_PostI’m back at it! Here’s a photo from earlier this morning when my printer hit me up to come down to the shop and give him the thumbs up on the print. I have to say that the print came out WAY BETTER than I expected! This printer does some quality work! This was just the test print and I could tell the screens needed to be realigned but just a few mm’s only. The final tees will drop soon and will be VERY LIMITED! So if Victoria is one of your favorites, then keep an eye out for this one! More details along the way…

Model Feature: Kristina Chai

 I first heard about her from a coworker through instagram. People like to tag me on random shit but sometimes it’ll be good shit, which happened to be one of Kristina’s photos.  My ex coworker was the one to tag me and he’s a major huge fan girl for her! Fast forward to about a couple weeks…..continue reading