Welcome to my journal!  This will be dedicated to anything miscellaneous with my photography, life, or basically anything that goes on, that I feel like sharing, that just won’t make sense to make a whole new page for.  I guess you could also call it my diary but instead of just words, I’ll always accompany the write ups with visuals.  It’s sorted by the most recent events so you won’t have to worry about scrolling all the way down or trying to find the last page for the latest things.  Comments are welcome on the journal.  I’ll even reply back so don’t hesitate!  Enjoy!

7.9.22 – Kaneohe Marine Corps Baybeach, sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaiil, hawaii, oahu, kaneohe, ocean

Haven’t posted in a while and shot a wedding recently on the Windward side of Oahu.  The venue was at the Marine Corps base in Kaneohe at a golf club and when we got to the site where the ceremony was taking place, I was surprised by this beautiful beach backdrop.

1.29.22 – Expressions & Masako Formals Kimono Event (Feat. Chanel Tanaka)

sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, oahu, photography, chanel tanaka, chanel, tanaka, japan sun, japanese art, red sun, geisha, kimono, masako formals, masako formal, expressions, expressions portrait design

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to this 2022 new year!  A lot’s been going on last year but I feel I’m finally ready to get focused back with my photography & video stuff!  Anyways, Masako Formals & Expressions collaborated with Oahu’s own local artist, Chanel Tanaka, for their kimono event which they have multiple times throughout the year, every few months apart.  It’s a family friendly event, especially for the kids where they would come in, dress up in kimono’s, take photos, make origami crafts, and have their orders ready and packaged the same day!  During this event, Chanel Tanaka created 2 paintings which was turned into this past event’s backdrops and she also did live painting in the studio for the new “Instagram” wall.  Now there’s one of her masterpiece’s right when you walk into the studio.  How awesome is that?! Check out the rest of the photos below.  Also, don’t forget to book your kimono session next time Expressions & Masako Formals host another one again this year!

sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, oahu, photography, chanel tanaka, chanel, tanaka, japan sun, japanese art, red sun, geisha, kimono, masako formals, masako formal, expressions, expressions portrait design

sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, oahu, photography, chanel tanaka, chanel, tanaka, japan sun, japanese art, red sun, geisha, kimono, masako formals, masako formal, expressions, expressions portrait design

1.1.21 – NYE 2020 In Hawaii

What’s good y’all!

I haven’t posted in a while huh!? Well I’m back with my very first video of 2021 and you already know I always start off the year with a NYE video. The whole island of Oahu went off at the stroke of midnight with massive aerials lighting up the Hawaii sky with beautiful blasts of colors. Did I mention, fireworks are still banned in Hawaii, but can’t break the Hawaii tradition! I saw other videos of cars posted up on the freeways, turning it into a parking lot just to catch the BIG SHOW! If there’s somewhere you should visit during NYE, I’d suggest coming down to Oahu and experience this once a year tradition for yourself!

Hope y’all have a blessed New Year and stay safe!!

11.21.20 – Christmas Spirit!

What’s up guys!

Haven’t been on in A WHILE I’m not gon lie lol!!!! I just haven’t been shooting much lately and once the Christmas lights went up, I saw an opportunity to shoot! This is my house with some custom light ornaments done up by my grandpa! He makes all his stuff during the off season and has them ready by Christmas time! If you guys wanna purchase any ornaments for next year, hit me up! He’s selling his work and whatever he makes are hand made, from the stars, to the lights balls, and whatever else he makes lol.

Have a happy holiday everyone and stay safe and social distance!

1.12.20 – Baby Zyden’s Baby Shower

What’s good y’all! I know, I know I been slacking on these type’s of content too, but I promise, I’m moving forward this year and concentrating for the better.

This was a baby shower a few weeks ago. A cordial get together of friends and family to celebrate the upbringing of life. I don’t think there’s anything else more beautiful than that.

Hope you guys enjoyed that video!

12.31.19 – New Year’s Eve 2019

Happy new year everybody!  Every year I’m going to try and shoot NYE in Hawaii.  With an illegal fireworks ban that’s in effect….or been in effect I should say, every year our Hawaii sky will always be lit up with beautiful, colorful aerial’s at the stroke of midnight.  No lie, this ban is a huge joke!  The state should bring it back to how it was in the 90’s when ALL types of fireworks were LEGAL and tax the people who want to participate in this long living tradition we all grew up with!  Anyways, here’s the coverage I got from leading up to midnight when literally the whole island turned a dark night into a vivid light show in the sky.

10.26.19 – Halloween Party

I’m back with another journal entry.  This one’s a late upload….hella late I should add lol….because I got to eager about uploading this video that I skipped putting it up on YouTube and went straight to posting on my other social media accounts lol.  Anyway this was a Halloween party thrown by my cousin at his house.  This was a fun drunk night that I’m glad I recorded because I couldn’t remember much the next day but luckily made it home with all my gear lol.  Everyone dressed up and nothing but good vibes all around.  Can’t wait for next year!

8.31.19 – Aloha Selfie Launch Party

What’s good everybody!  Haven’t posted in a while because I been going through some stuff in life and just been busy all around.  Anyways, here’s to a brand new photo booth company, making it’s rise in Hawaii.  This was the launch party for @alohaselfie.  They showcased 2 of their photo booth’s and what they provide.  Along with filming the booths in action, I caught whatever I could of the party.  Enjoy!

3.31.19 – Supremacy Show N Shine

Aloha everybody!

I’m back with another video, but not food this time! This is my video work. There was a car show/canned food drive this past weekend hosted by Supremacy Car Club which they hold annually to help out those in need. Nothing but good vibes and good people just chillin in the park on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Congrats to those that won a trophy(s) from that day and nice seeing some of these classics only making it out once a year for this very show. If you’re into classic cars, mainly lowriders, and haven’t been to this show before, I recommend you check it out!

Check out my YouTube and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

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1.19.19 – Ace Of Fades Hawaii Grand Opening

What’s good everybody!

Here’s a little video of the homie’s grand opening of the new barber shop!

I haven’t posted one of these videos since NYE. But the homie partnered up with his fellow barber and started up Ace Of Fades Hawaii! It was formerly known as Sharpe Cutz, but I guess bigger plans were being schemed, and what do you know, a partnership was established, a new name, and renovations came about to bring you this fresh new place to get yourself faded and cleaned up! They even have a new service! It’s a hot towel service, which they use a steaming hot towel (but warm enough to put on your face), clean and massage your face after a cut.

Go check them out! If you live on Oahu, you can find them in Waipahu (address above in the description). Awesome, talented barbers working there, so there ain’t any worries if you’ll be happy with your cut, because they will cut you up exactly the way you want and you’ll leave there looking and feeling smoother than a fresh bikini wax lol.

Barber shop location:
94-216 Farringtion Hwy
Waipahu, HI 96797

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2.16.18 – Ubae Grand Opening

sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, photography,,, sphotohi,com, ubae hawaii, ubae, ube, ube cheesecake, ube cookies, ube cookieUbae Hawaii had their grand opening on February 16, 2018, on Chinese New Year, in Kalihi at 1284 Kalani Street right across of Sugoi’s.  They opened up with a lion dance, had free food and drinks all night, raffle giveaways, and people were lining up to purchase their delicious ube goodies!  There was also drops from @noapologiesworldwide, @havochawaiiclothing, @drone_, and back from hiatus – Scholars Clothing Co.

sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, photography,,, sphotohi,com, ubae hawaii, ubae, ube, ube cheesecake, ube cookies, ube cookie

These dudes right here are the founders, creators, and head of their brands.  I had them stand under their corresponding stickers right above the door.

This beautiful family of 4 are the owners of @ubae_hawaii and father/husband with them is the guy behind Scholars Clothing Co.

The grand opening event went on from 6pm – 9pm and it was a good time.  I even got to meet @havochawaiiclothing in person and chatted with him for a while.  That’s another reason why I came out to this event.  To make those connections with people and acquire future friends and partners.  Be sure to go get your ube fix if you’re ever in Kalihi!  I left with their ube cookies and those things are so soft and good!!

8.26.17 – Beach House

This was the last weekend my girlfriend’s cousins were gonna be home on this beautiful island before going back to their other home in Washington, and they decided to rent out a beach house in Makaha.  Always nothing but fun times when they come back home.  Waianae was beautiful too!  Aside from taking pictures of my girlfriend (you can see it here), the others went fishing or just swimming along the beach, and when night time hit, we’d all laugh and party the night away.


sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, photography, sunset, sunset photography, sky, sky photography, landscape photography, canon, dslr, t1iWhat’s good y’all! I haven’t posted in the journal in a while and I noticed the sky tonight as I opened my curtains this evening. Saw the colors and instantly grabbed my camera to take a quick one!


sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, oahu, waianae, makua caves, hike, hiking, photography, ammdi, aloha made me do it, scenery

Went hiking at Makua caves, and I hate hiking believe me, but I did it for the shoot lol and I kept complaining on the way up (so if you wanna hike with me, be prepared to hear me complain the whole way up and down or just don’t even invite me to a hike lol).  But as soon as we reached the top cave, the view was amazing!  Caught this one while @mermaidsirenity & @mangomeow were doing their thing on the edge.


sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, sky, sunset, storm, photography, canon, dslr, t1i, landscape photography

The sky was just too crazy I had to take a picture! lol.  This was tonight’s sunset after the rainy weather all day.  That always happens.  When it storms and everything clears, there’s always a bomb sky coming!!

4.28.17 – Hype Girls

sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, hyper squad, hype girls, dance, photography, canon, dslr, t1i

sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, hyper squad, hype girls, dance, photography, canon, dslr, t1i

Took a few shots with these talented hype girls while they filmed a dance video for the #saywhatchallenge.  Special thanks to @sweettreatsbykris for the use of their shop.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the video on hand to post on here so if you wanna see how it turned out, you can check out any of the instagram accounts listed below.  Also be sure to follow them!

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4.14.17 – Sharpe Cutz

Video by: @brndn.scott and @kalenkeahi

The crew and I shot the barber shop for the homie @barberken.hi where he cuts. The shop is located in Waipahu on Farrington Hwy. at the Procom Plaza. If you’re familiar with Waipahu, then it’s right by Nanding’s Bakery near Don Q and Zippy’s.

Here’s the address if you wanna get cleaned up by Sharpe Cutz:
94-216 Farrington Hwy Ste B2-201A Waipahu, HI 96797

Follow us on instagram:


Did a shoot today with @mermaidsirenity and managed to catch these flicks while watching an airplane take off from HNL airport and noticing the sky changing colors while the sun set.  All in all, it was a chill Sunday.


Just kicked it on my roof after work, watching/waiting for the sun to set so I could catch some shots.  This is what I came out with.  That tree you see, I forgot the name of it but I know you could eat the fruits that’s growing on it.  Or I could be wrong and those aren’t even edible lol.

4.3.17 – Arvo & Pow Wow Hawaiisphoto, sphotohawaii, sphotohi, pow wow hawaii, pow wow, powwow, model, photography, art, graffiti, street art, hawaii art, canon, street photography, arvo, food, foodie, salmon toast, smoked salmon, arvo

Today I headed into town with the girlfriend and my cousin to try out this place called Arvo.  It was like a healthy type of coffee/tea sipping kind of place which was alright to me because if you come here to eat, this would be the wrong place!  Well to me it was because all I had was the smoked salmon toast and a peach mango tea on the side and this was our “lunch” lol.  Don’t get me wrong this place is good but if you’re starving then you’ll need to find somewhere else to fill your stomach.  After “lunch” we decided to check out the walls since I haven’t gone to see the updated art.  Fun little afternoon spent today.

3.26.17 – Honolulu Kitchen

sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, honolulu kitchen, manapua, pork hash, deep fried manapua, waipahu, bsvid, photography, videography, drone, cooking

Honolulu Kitchen is THE PLACE to go to for bomb manapua’s & plate lunches!  Located in Waipahu on Farrington Highway (in the same location as Tanioka’s), they offer a range of foods to choose from such as fried rice, to orange chicken, to what they’re most famous for, their deep fried manapua!  Being from Waipahu, I thought it would be an awesome idea if we could get in there and see what goes on and also show support for this local business since they are so active on social media and gives practically everyone shout outs on their manapua’s.  Yeah I said, “ON THEIR MANAPUA’S” because if you have a logo of some sort, they will literally draw it on their manapua.  Fun idea to me and a very clever for businesses to pass out “edible business cards”.  Thanks to “Unko Steve”, the manager/owner of Honolulu Kitchen for letting us come through on a weekend morning and letting us see first hand how they’re famous manapua’s are made.  If you haven’t yet or missed the video, I won’t blab on anymore.  Just watch for yourself and get to know the details of Honolulu Kitchen and “Unko Steve”!


tattoo, tattoos, leg tattoo, leg tattoos, tatted, inked, ink, medusa tattoo, medusa

Had a few with the homie Justin yesterday at his house and decided to shoot his legs since he got his shins and calves tatted up. He’s got medusa’s head and snakes on one leg, and some japaese/filipino thing going on on his other leg. I also started up a new  “tattoo” section in my portfolio. Check it out to see all the photos of his tatts. Link at the top or click here.


photography, slow shutter speed, night photos, night photographyChilled with the homie Brandon (aka BSVids) cuz he wanted some pointers on how to take photos.  We just wandered Waipahu and ended up at an over pass near the freeway cuz he wanted to try out some slow shutter night shots.

10.31.12 Happy Halloween!

To keep in the Halloween spirit of today’s ghoulish holiday, here is a little family friendly Halloween set featuring some old witches, a few pussy cats, a skull girl, and I even found Waldo!  Y’all have an awesome time tonight and stay safe & party safe!


Shouts to BROKE & SUER for throwing up these pieces on my girlfriends wall at the house. STO x STL x DMR. Follow these 2 on IG also @_t_p & @mr2suer

My site is mainly dedicated to models, automotive, & events.  But that doesn’t mean I have to stick with those three topics.  There ain’t nothing wrong with showing support and giving a shout to those that deserve it.  Those that don’t fall under the three main categories, will end up on here,  under the miscellaneous features!  It’s the same shit but anything goes in this category!

Local Stop

I don’t know how long this truck has been around, but it’s a recent discovery for me!  I found the Local Stop food truck in Waipahu, parked by Tesoro gas station by Don Quijote, while going around taking pictures the other day.  I parked and  chatted with who I assume is the owner of the truck, & he seemed like a chill, friendly dude.  I didn’t have money on me at the time so I told him I’d check him out the next day for lunch.  When I walked up to the truck, there was a sticker at the top of it saying, “the original malasada burger”, and that’s what made me want to go back to the truck for some lunch.  So the next day, I called up a homie to have lunch with me.  You can either find the truck in Waipio or Waipahu.  My homie ordered the malasada burger because I was bragging to him that the burger was famous at this truck.  Basically, it’s a cheeseburger but instead of regular buns, it has malasada buns.  But yesterday when my friend ordered it, they had red velvet malasada instead of the regular malasada bread.  So it was a combination of sweet & salty at the same time with a red velvet taste.  I sampled the burger from my homie and I have to say it’s hella good!  No lie, that was an interesting burger, but everything went well together.  The red velvet malasada, the burger, tomato, cheese, onion, everything.  It’s served with chips instead of fries and the cost of a malasada burger is $7.  It’s worth it in my opinion.  I ordered their shoyu chicken because I felt like eating rice.  It was the same price, $7  flat, and that was a regular plate lunch size.  Overall, this food truck is awesome!  I’d like to recommend to everyone around the area of Waipahu or Waipio to go to the Local Stop food truck.  They have a selection to choose from on the menu & the customer service there is great!  It’s friendly on your wallet and you’ll be satisfied with whatever you order.

They also take phone orders too so if you want to call in an order, their number is (808)-554-1083
Also, LIKE them on facebook to find out where they’re going to be next time!

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