Get to know Michelle

AGE: 20
DOB: July 14, 1996
HOMETOWN: 76 $outh boii
OCCUPATION: Server/Waitress

WEIGHT: 108 lbs.
WAIST: 24″
HIPS: 35″
ETHNICITY: Filipino/Italian

What are your turn-ons?
“Being a kind, considerate, thoughtful, and smart gentleman.  Being funny and muscular is a plus.”

What are your turn-offs?
“Being unthoughtful, selfish, and rude.  Not taking care of yourself and being reckless with your life.”

Do you have any pet peeves?
“People that always have something negative to say/complaining all the time.  Also when you’re changing lanes and the person won’t let you in.”

How did you start modeling?
“Sean hit me up!”

Do you have a favorite model?
“This is a tough one!  A lot of models are my fave!  From ass x titty models like Sara Underwood, Brittani Paige, Ashleyvee, to beauty bloggers like Marycake, Flamcis, Ellen V Lora, Pau Dictado, to bikini models like Sofia Jamora, and our very own Kesia Anaya, Keera, Kristina Chai, and Michaela Spaulding.  I could go on!  But my absolute fave has to be Erin Tequila!”

What’s your favorite food?
“Pinakbet!  Anything Filipino really.”

What do you like to do for fun?
“Go to the gym and bust ass!”

Do you have any hidden talents?
“I can harmonize to any song playing.”

What inspired you to start modeling?
“People would tell me I have potential so I thought I’d give it a shot!”

What do you plan to achieve from modeling?
“Modeling is a goal for me to accomplish.  To be more natural, aesthetically pleasing, and somewhat of a work of art in any way that I could offer, and it motivates me to be a healthier and happier person (to be more fit.)”

Any future plans?
“Become a marketing director for a fashion company in LA.  But really to lead a life of happiness, healt, and peace!”

On a scale from 1 – 5, how well did the shoot go and why?
“4:  Sean, Brandon, and Kalen were really chill and great to work with!  I love how they had an eye for good background, and love how they helped direct me to do things because I think I’m naturally a stiff and awkward person but that’s one of the things I wish to overcome and work towards being a better model someday!  Some things couldn’t be helped, like the really hot weather which I think might have hindered us from wanting to venture around too much, and the place would’ve been a lot less hot and nicer looking around golden hour like 6ish!  But overall it really was fun!!  Thank you guys for doing your thing!  I hope to become better and come up with more concepts to shoot with you guys again one day! ❤ Michelle”

Video by: @bs.vid & @kalenkeahi