Aloha!  My name’s Sean Perez aka SPhoto (SP-photo). I’m a photographer based in Hawaii, just trying to make a big name for myself and trying to make a living by what once started off as a hobby, turned into a passion; Photography.  Growing from the start, I had a heavy influence from Estevan Oriol, who is an LA based photographer who captures street life in LA.  He intrigued me by seeing how he can capture so much emotion, get up close and personal, tell stories, and show the true meaning of things all in a photograph.  I’ve been a fan of him ever since the first time hearing about him through Upper Playground; an urban streetwear/art/lifestyle brand.

I’ve been shooting since 2009.  Basically getting my foot wet with all sorts of photography categories and styles.  I’d like to say that my strong points are in street photography, fashion/street fashion photography, model photography, and couples/engagement photography.  I’ve worked up an immense amount of skill, training, and a pretty impressive portfolio since 2009.  Throughout those years, I was able to narrow down to what I was really strong in and what I enjoyed shooting the most.

When you think of Hawaii, you think of our beautiful beaches, laid back atmosphere, sunsets, or maybe even beach weddings but I try to stay away from all of that and try to portray real, raw, street photography of the island.  With Estevan Oriol being a huge influence on me, my style emulates his with a take of my own.  As I started off in the beginning with photography, I was just like any other photographer here in Hawaii, who would book a shoot with a model to shoot at a beach (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing), but as I learned more and figured out exactly what I wanted to shoot, studying Estevan’s work more, I decided to set myself apart from the “typical” Hawaii shoots and bring street shoots to the table which is not the norm here.  So far everyone I’ve worked with shooting in my “new style” is always up for the idea and agrees that it’s something different from what they’re used to shooting and also getting recognition through my work.

Hawaii has a lot more behind it other than the beautiful scenery & beaches. If you want to find where else beauty lies within the islands and would like to book a shoot with me or collaborate on something, CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME.

Or you can get in touch with me through my social media:
Instagram/snapchat/twitter/: @sphotohi
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sphoto.hi

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  1. Aloha! Do you have any footage from the Vankulture never today that you can share? Mahalo for coming out to cover the event. My name is Yoshi (with the white Oddy with Gold WORK VSXX wheels. IG account is sukoshiyoshi

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