I go by the name of Sean Perez aka SPhoto (SP-photo). Based in Hawaii, making a big name for myself & turning this passion I have for the art into a life long career is my ambition for photography. Being inspired by Estevan Oriol, an LA based photographer who captures street life in LA, intrigued me by seeing how he can capture so much emotion, get up close and personal, tell stories, and show the true meaning of things all in a photograph. I’ve been a fan of him ever since, first hearing about him through Upper Playground; an urban streetwear/art/lifestyle brand.

I specialize in automotive, portraiture, landscape, and events/parties. I’ve worked with models such as Jenny Chu, Ashley Vee, Genevieve Chanelle, & Charmaine Glock, just to name a few. I have done some commercial work also for Re-Up Streetwear Collection, a local streetwear brand here in Hawaii. My street work happens when I have free time on my hands or if i’m out. I always have my camera on hand just in case a photo opportunity comes up. You may never know when you might come across something that interests you or when something exciting happens!

With Hawaii being known for its stunning beaches, laid back atmosphere, and beautiful weddings, I try to stay away from all of that and try to portray real, raw, street photography. Hawaii has a lot more behind it other than the beautiful scenery & beaches. Weddings are also the big business in Hawaii and being able to make a name for something else other than “a great wedding photographer” is one of my goals. I’m a big dreamer and living the dream is going to be a major accomplishment one day. Staying motivated, inspired, and hungry for success are the main focuses I have in life.

One more thing, here’s a quote for ya’ll that I like to live by:
“Cheap photos aren’t good, and good photos are’t cheap” – Estevan Oriol


One thought on “About

  1. Aloha! Do you have any footage from the Vankulture never today that you can share? Mahalo for coming out to cover the event. My name is Yoshi (with the white Oddy with Gold WORK VSXX wheels. IG account is sukoshiyoshi

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