Spontaneous Beach Day With The Girlfriend

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For those who don’t already know, yes this is my gorgeous girlfriend, Shaz lol.  This was a spontaneous beach day, on a Sunday afternoon.  It was so hot that day and we were both off (we rarely get the same days off), so it was her idea to head to the beach and I figured might as well make use of the day and shoot a video and photos too to see where I’m stand ever since I jumped into the video side of things!  We went down to some beach  at the North Shore.  I don’t know the name of it but it was one of those beaches that was literally on the side of the highway (if you ever been down that side, and I know many locals have, but if you’re not from here, there are many beaches you can visit down at the north shore).  Before that we took a stroll through Haleiwa (a MUST SEE place if you’re ever visiting Oahu) to play tourist a bit and grab some food for the beach.  Let me tell you though, because this was a spontaneous trip, we were definitely NOT prepared! lol.  We arrived there around 430ish and the sun hadn’t gone down enough to where the beach is bearable, so we regretted not bringing enough drinks and a tent lol.  So we set up our beach blanket on the sand and just endured the sun and enjoyed our Sunday.  I have to admit though, it was relaxing minus the hot sun and sweating so much (because I didn’t bring swim shorts on the count that I wasn’t planning to swim but boy did I regret that), plus I shot whatever I could before I was over everything because of the heat lol.  Anyways, if you wanna see the rest of the photos and the video that was taken that day, click on the photo above!

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Forest/Nature Photo Shoot With Caitlin

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I wanted to change up the scenery from what the team and I normally do.  What I had in mind originally was to do something street (which I love shooting) but I had a feeling the team wanted to shoot something different lol.  I had no story line for the shoot, no theme because I couldn’t think of anything.  My mind drew blank so it was just a “normal” shoot.  During the shoot though, little bits and pieces of ideas came to mind of how some parts of the video should go so it wasn’t totally “theme-less” lol.  It turned out to being a (if I HAD to name it) nature-ish vibe…..continue reading

UPDATED Model Feature: Shazvee

sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, oahu, honolulu, sean perez, sean, perez, shazv, shazvee, shaz v, asian, fashion, fashion photography, photography, portrait photography, portrait, canon, canon t1iBeen wanting to sample this spot since I pass by it like everyday during my deliveries during work.  It’s one of those farm stand looking things where they’d sell fruits/vegetables, and it’s been abandoned or it looks like it hasn’t been used in a while to me lol.  So who better to try shooting there with other than my gf?!  I told her about the spot and she was down to shoot there and try one of her tops she’ll be using for Bali (we’re taking a trip real soon there).  I think it turned out pretty cool and her outfit matched the setting there.  Click on the photo above to check out the rest of the photos or click here.

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UPDATED Portfolio Maternity Shoot

I know I post a lot of model portraits, but don’t let that stop you from thinking I can’t shoot anything else!  Did this sunset maternity shoot for friends of a friend in July.   This was before they were heading back home to Vegas and they requested to have some maternity shots done.  My friend asked me and I happily agreed to do it.  I like shooting maternity photos because to me, it’s such an important thing to document, especially if it’s going to be your first child, I mean why wouldn’t you want some memories?!

For more, click here to see my whole portrait portfolio.

NEW Model Feature: Michelle

sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, street, street photography, asian, asian model, michelle, canon, portrait, dslr, t1i, brandon sahagun, bsvid, kalen tomas, kalenkeahi, china town, honolulu, oahu, aloha made me do it, ammdiFrom what Michelle has told me, this was only her “second” shoot she ever did.  I find that kind of hard to believe because from the photos and working with her, she did such a good job!  I think she lowkey does hella shoots but doesn’t want to admit it lol.  But say I was to give her the benefit of the doubt, then this “second” shoot that she had with me and the crew went well beyond our expectations.  See how everything went by clicking on her photo above or clicking here.

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