sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, oahu, model, photoshoot, photo shoot, photography, model photographyWhat up guys!

It feels I been MIA for a while on here…Damn!! lol. Well I’m back and been trying to get back up shooting more with new people. The best part of it is being able to make new friends! That’s one reason why I love what I do lol. Anyways, meet Alex! This Texas beauty is fun to be around…trust me the shoot was fun lol! She’s hella down to earth, easy to talk to, and is a NATURAL at modeling!!

In the beginning, I could see she was tense, then as we progressed through the shoot, she became more relaxed and opened up more.  Looking through the photos that night, I could see the stages of nervous to chill lol. She had mentioned to me the day before the shoot that she’s just starting up. For our first shoot, I didn’t wanna do too much guiding (I did end up guiding her through at some points lol) so that I could see how she does and if she’s just a natural at this. Then what do you know?! She surprised me and I knew she didn’t need much guidance haha.

Anyways, I’d would definitely love to work with Alex again in the future! Check out the rest of her photos from the shoot here and keep a look out for more model work from me in the future!

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Aloha Made Me Do It Dropping Their Signature Tee’s on BLACK FRIDAY!!

sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, aoha made me do it, ammdi, aloha, streetwear, photography, fashion photography, fashion, street photography, street wear, street clothes, hawaii clothessphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, aoha made me do it, ammdi, aloha, streetwear, photography, fashion photography, fashion, street photography, street wear, street clothes, hawaii clothesWhere are y’all planning on shopping this black friday?!  If you’re planning on heading to Pearlridge, then you’ll get the chance to cop this new drop from AMMDI!  Their Signature Tee’s along with all the other goodies that they carry.  You’ll be able to find it at Pipe Dreams, Uptown side of the mall, so don’t say I didn’t tell you about it!  I know black friday can be one hell of a hectic “holiday” but why else would y’all head out in the wee hours of the night scrambling for those ridiculous deals you can’t find on any other day of any month?!  Be safe out there and have fun shopping!  If you’re one of those that hate crowds and don’t even wanna bother going out and rather chill in your comfortable bed and get a good night’s rest, then you can cop this at their online store!  I’m not sure if they’ll have some cyber Monday deals happening because I haven’t gotten word of that, but check up on them and maybe they will have those deals too.

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Kerah & Michaela Terrorizes The Streets

sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, oahu,,, kerah, michaela, aloha made me do it, ammdi, photography, halloween, costume, sexy girls, asian girls, import models, model, models, import model, lowrider, lowrider bike, low rider bike, low rider, the others bike club, the others bc, theothersbc, bike club, bicycle, baseball bat, photo shoot, flash photography, art, sean perez, michaela spaulding, how to take pictures, how to become a better photographer, photography 101, photography tips, shoot better photos, how to shoot photos, take better photos, photography secrets, fashion fashion photographyThis shoot wasn’t even supposed to happen if Kerah didn’t bring up the idea because originally I had contacted her on a totally different idea.  I won’t give away the details of that one because it might end up happening one day so keep a look out.  But due to our conflicting schedules, we couldn’t meet eye to eye, so it got pushed back.  Originally, I tried scheduling the shoot before leaving to a trip to Bali in September (you can find that post here in my journal), but the date I chose, Kerah already had a shoot reserved for that day, so she suggests pushing it back to October.  Then she also brings up the idea that we should do a “holiday” one, so I thought, “why not shoot a Halloween one?!”…..continue reading and WATCH THE VIDEO

NEW Model Feature: Jessica Sunok

sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, jessica sunok, jessica, sunok, sean perez, sean, perez, photographer, photography, model, asian, bikini, street, street photography, model photography, modeling, hawaii, oahu, honolulu, fashion, fashion photography, art, art photography, brick wall, urban, urban photography, photo, photosThis is Jessica Sunok.  An upcoming model who’s making a name for herself and I should add she’s coming up quick.  She’s a winner of both Spocom Anaheim and Tuner Evo Philly bikini competitions.  I mean I wouldn’t doubt her winnings.  She’s friendly in person and easy going too.  She’s hella professional and obviously ain’t a stranger in front of the camera.  After the shoot, one of my homie’s that I shoot with, Kalen, brought up the fact that Jessica resembles Selena Gomez.  I never thought that before meeting her but after going through and editing her photos, I could see exactly what the homie was talking about lol.  So if you ever get to work with Jessica, she’ll be the closest you’d get to meeting Selena Gomez if you don’t ever think you’ll actually meet the real Selena Gomez lol!

By the way, did you know Jessica’s a HUGE sriracha lover?!  See her photos & video and also get to know Jessica a little bit more by clicking the photo above or clicking here!

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NEW Model Feature: Kayla Kumiko

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Met Kayla through instagram and asked her if she would like to shoot with me.  She kindly replied and we set something up fast too!  We shot a street/urban style shoot with as minimal clothes as possible to give it that gritty, yet sexy vibe to it.  My idol in photography is @estevanoriol and I’m hella influenced by his work which is how I got the idea and tried to emulate it.

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UPDATED Model Feature: Shazvee

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Shot this with my girlfriend the day before we went shooting at that park with the trees.  So it was the 18th when we shot this.  This shoot was a laid back type shot in her room.  I’m trying something new with the bokeh added in.  Hope you guys like the way it turned out because I did!

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