Day 4 Of Japan! Osaka Castle and Last Day In Osaka :(

I finally got some free time to continue working on these! This was officially our last day in Osaka. Beautiful place that was laid back compared to when we went to Tokyo. It was a good thing though that we went to Osaka first instead of Tokyo, because I would’ve probably missed the Tokyo vibe to begin with! lol.

Like I said, Osaka felt like it was more laid back to me and the people there were “nicer” and just had a “homey” feel. If I was to go back to Japan again, I’d definitely go to Osaka first. Or maybe switch it up and go to Tokyo first, then to Osaka. Idk though, who know’s what the next Japan adventure will be.

But this last day, we went to visit the famous Osaka castle but didn’t make it to the top of the castle. We paid our fare to get into the castle, but once we saw the line to go up the elevator to the top, I wasn’t down for that lol. Plus we were on a time schedule to catch our bullet train to Tokyo so we couldn’t waste any time! It was a cool historic place to visit though. Now I can say I been to the famous Osaka Castle lol.

More videos from the Japan trip are sure to come. Keep a look out for those. In the mean time, enjoy this one!

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Flight Out and Day 1 of Japan!!!

What’s up guys! This is officially the start of the Japan trip the girlfriend and I took in the beginning of October. In this video I showed our flight from Honolulu to Japan and what we ended up doing on our first official day there. I can’t tell you how much this video got me in my feels about Japan while I was creating it! Japan is just an amazing place! If you haven’t visited there yet, IT’S A MUST, or if you have already been there, then you already know why I’m in my feels lol.

Check out what we did and I can promise you that more videos from the trip are in the works and coming soon!  You can also peep the photos and read about the other things we did while in Japan.  There might not be too much photos this time, but that’s because I took a majority of video clips to sharpen my video skills even further.

I’ll also be moving travel content from the journal into it’s own section which will be labeled, “Travel”.  So look out for that!

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Japan Day 3 and 4

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Sorry I been busy traveling around Japan and catching multiple trains and switching hotels that I haven’t had the time to edit and post for that past few days.  But I finally got around to getting to it finally.  I don’t really have much to say here but I did say a lot in the journal.

Click on the photos above to or click here to see why I’ve been slacking lol.

Japan Day 1

sphoto, sphotohi ,sphotohawaii, hawaii, japan, travel, photography, aquarium, osaka, jellyfish, modelToday we went to Kaiyukan aquarium.  We started the day early at 6am to get ready for the day and headed out to the train station.  This was our first time riding a train and the experience here in Japan was nice!  This was a really fun time at an aquarium because this one even went as far as to bring the atmosphere to the people in the aquarium, to whatever animals they were portraying.  This was a detailed aquarium and a fun one.  Even being the age that I am, 27, and having to share the aquarium with elementary school kids, I have to say that even I enjoyed everything about it.  No complains what so ever!  Along side the aquarium, there was a giant ferris wheel that you could ride for a few more yen.  Of course we bought that ticket and they even had the FREE option to choose if we wanted a “normal” cabin or a “see-through” cabin which was basically made of glass.  Of course we opted for the see-through one only because I could get some shots out of it lol.  A video or multiple video’s will accompany this trip so keep a look out for that!  I’ll just be posting photo’s during the trip so I can have time to work on and put together the final video’s.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure!

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Flight Out To Japan

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Dear journal,

I haven’t spoken to you in a while!  This is the day we flew out to Japan.  I didn’t expect the day to be loooooooooooong (or at least I thought it was long lol) because the girlfriend explained that it would be a “short” 8 – 9 hour flight.  So I thought, “ok this is gonna be easy”, but NO!  To me it felt long but maybe that’s because we had a lay over in Tokyo lol.  Anyways it was worth it because this country is B, O, M, B, BOMB!  Everything is so organized here and everyone is respectful, everything’s so tech-savvy, and it’s just a chill vibe all over.  Even the food here doesn’t disappoint! One of my highlights of this night was my dinner because 711 is right down stairs from my hotel and I saw numerous videos on YouTube of people having feasts off of 711 food that they won’t serve anywhere else in the world (or at least I haven’t seen or experienced it yet)!  This night, I ended the night with editing, and having dinner from 711 which consisted of salted rice onigiri and chicken skewers.  They don’t joke around with their food here.  It’s 100% legit!  I was so satisfied with my dinner that I slept like a baby after.  All I know is that I can’t go to a 711 back in Hawaii and grab “dinner” and say I was satisfied with what I ate lol.

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