This is me (I say that because I rarely show my face lol)! The dude always behind the camera. I’ll be doing something a little different for the food videos. I’m gonna start doing eating videos. Kind of like an ASMR thing, then eventually, maybe get into ASMR eating more and buy my first mic so you guys can hear EVERYTHING!

But yeah, I’m starting up, “No Talk, Just Eat!” videos.  Basically like I said earlier, it’ll be like ASMR eating until I get more serious with it lol.  For now, it’ll just be me eating my food without talking for those who like watching mukbangs and stuff like that, except I won’t be talking and just eating.  Who likes to talk when they’re super hungry and just wanna eat?  Not me! lol.

I had some left over hot wings from Domino’s from the day before and decided to do an eating video. This is my very first time eating on camera and I noticed I kept looking at my camera screen (my screen can flip out so I can see what’s going on) instead of the lens itself so I have to work on looking at the lens more lol. I cut those parts out where I kept looking at the screen because it was a bit distracting when my eyes keep shifting left and right looking at the screen and lens.

But hope you guys enjoy this video and probably it’ll get you hungry for some chicken wings!

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