It’s become a tradition in Hawaii to light up the sky every NYE, but since fireworks got became illegal (I wanna say circa ’98 – ’99. I can’t remember exactly anymore because it’s been that long), that didn’t put a stop to this “tradition” of ringing in the new year at 12 a.m. midnight.

I also made my last big purchase of 2018 to be a drone because I had been planning on getting one soon anyway and what better time of the year is there to test it out and get some cool footage other than New Year’s Eve?!

As soon as it struck midnight, non stop booming and colorful displays of flashing lights took over the skies, to your old school “reds” popping on the ground, to people burning out, just ringing in the new year as best as they could.

I gotta say, these drone shots came out pretty nuts. Check out the video and let me know what you guys think! I can’t wait for NYE 2019 to roll around!!!!!!!

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Journal Post 2.16.18: Ubae Hawaii Grand Opening!

sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, photography,,, sphotohi,com, ubae hawaii, ubae, ube, ube cheesecake, ube cookies, ube cookieUbae Hawaii had their grand opening on February 16, 2018, on Chinese New Year, in Kalihi at 1284 Kalani Street right across of Sugoi’s.  They opened up with a lion dance, had free food and drinks all night, raffle giveaways, and people were lining up…..continue reading

NEW Journal Post 3.26.17 – Honolulu Kitchen

sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, honolulu kitchen, manapua, pork hash, deep fried manapua, waipahu, bsvid, photography, videography, drone, cooking

Check out the newest journal post/feature, although listed on date, 3.26.17, that was the date we actually went there and I ended up posting this in my journal so I had to keep it in order lol.  See what we did that day, what we saw, and watch the video the homies, BSVid and Kalen Keahi did too!

Click on the photo above or click on the “journal” link up top and scroll down to date, 3.26.17.

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