Flight Out and Day 1 of Japan!!!

What’s up guys! This is officially the start of the Japan trip the girlfriend and I took in the beginning of October. In this video I showed our flight from Honolulu to Japan and what we ended up doing on our first official day there. I can’t tell you how much this video got me in my feels about Japan while I was creating it! Japan is just an amazing place! If you haven’t visited there yet, IT’S A MUST, or if you have already been there, then you already know why I’m in my feels lol.

Check out what we did and I can promise you that more videos from the trip are in the works and coming soon!  You can also peep the photos and read about the other things we did while in Japan.  There might not be too much photos this time, but that’s because I took a majority of video clips to sharpen my video skills even further.

I’ll also be moving travel content from the journal into it’s own section which will be labeled, “Travel”.  So look out for that!

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