Wekfest Hawaii 2017

It’s was that time again! After the holidays roll around, that’s when you know Wekfest is right around the corner!  Wekfest is one of those shows that people actually look forward to for the year.  New builds, old builds (but still capable of winning), same people, and new people all come out to this event.  It’s become a culture itself in hawaii, growing bigger and better for the past few years.  Although we live on an island where some people still think that hawaii still has residence living in grass shacks along the shorelines of our beautiful beaches, hawaii has become one of the many places where the car culture is growing strong and still continuing to push out some bad ass builds.

Wekfest had Elissa Alva as one of their main models, but I think because she recently has her family and other stuff going on, she couldn’t join us this year.  This year, Liz Kara and Tiffanie Marie were accompanying the folks from Wekfest.  If you don’t know who they are, Liz Kara is a model/public figure from…………..shit nvm I was gonna make up a place but I wouldn’t wanna feed yall bullshit! Lol!  Tiffanie Marie is also a model but also a damn good photographer!  I saw her crouched down shooting some wheels or something with her light colored hair; you can’t mistake her from every other girl at the show.  I knew it was her and I had to say wassup.  I introduced myself, asked her if I could get a few shots of her, and even got to take some selfies with her (I asked her to take the selfies with my phone of us lol).  She’s cool.  I wished I kept up with the shows and knew who would be coming out here so I could’ve asked to worked with her.  There’s always next time though…if she ever comes back.

Nonetheless, Wekfest is always the kick starter show to every year.  Nothing better than having everyone come together to show off their builds, hang out, and just have a good time.  I don’t think I missed Wekfest yet in the passed couple years and I don’t plan on it.  Looking forward to next year.