Majority of the time, you can always find me when there’s a major event going on.  I’m always there to cover the action.  From car shows to tattoo conventions, or anything that sparks my interests.  I figured since there’s some of you that have hectic schedules, hate long lines, don’t like being in crowded areas, or may not be able to make it to some of the events, why don’t I bring the event to you right at home!  Also, who doesn’t like photos of their own cars, or themselves?!  Everyone would love memories of what they did or accomplished!  So if there was a major event that went down, be sure to stay posted, it’ll eventually end up on here.  If you see yourself or something that belongs to you in my photos, cool.  If you take’em and share it, be even cooler and be sure to give me a shout!

Hot Import Nights Hawaii 2017

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Wekfest Hawaii 2017

sphoto, sphotohawaii, sphotohi, tiffany marie, tiffanie marie, wekfest hawaii


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