sphoto, sphotohi, sphotohawaii, hawaii, oahu, model, photoshoot, photo shoot, photography, model photographyWhat up guys!

It feels I been MIA for a while on here…Damn!! lol. Well I’m back and been trying to get back up shooting more with new people. The best part of it is being able to make new friends! That’s one reason why I love what I do lol. Anyways, meet Alex! This Texas beauty is fun to be around…trust me the shoot was fun lol! She’s hella down to earth, easy to talk to, and is a NATURAL at modeling!!

In the beginning, I could see she was tense, then as we progressed through the shoot, she became more relaxed and opened up more.  Looking through the photos that night, I could see the stages of nervous to chill lol. She had mentioned to me the day before the shoot that she’s just starting up. For our first shoot, I didn’t wanna do too much guiding (I did end up guiding her through at some points lol) so that I could see how she does and if she’s just a natural at this. Then what do you know?! She surprised me and I knew she didn’t need much guidance haha.

Anyways, I’d would definitely love to work with Alex again in the future! Check out the rest of her photos from the shoot here and keep a look out for more model work from me in the future!

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