What’s up everybody!

Been super busy with a lot of other stuff and been working on these Japan videos everyday, little by little, but I finally finished another one!

I put together our days from when we hit up Harajuku and when we went to visit the digital art museum.

Both places were pretty cool, like Harajuku for example, I liked that it felt very urban and every corner you turned, it was like a photographers heaven. There were so many little nooks and crannies you could shoot at, that I think you’d need the whole day and a month to shoot every single spot there. Literally, it was the perfect place to get as much content as you could handle. There’s also a lot of shopping you could get done, from WEGO (being one of my favorite stores to shop at ever since I first learned about it) to Daiso ( THE BEST DOLLAR STORE IN THE WORLD…well to me that is lol).

Although we only got to check out Harajuku for a limited time we made it well worth it with whatever time we had. Aside from that, we got to check out the digital art museum in Odaiba. Now that place was cool! Tricked my eyes and blew my mind the whole time we were there. I felt like a little kid again lol.

Such colorful displays and creative pieces all with the works of the digital age! My favorite one in that place would have to be the LED room with all the LED strips hanging all the way down from the ceiling. It displayed colorful dancing lights, to dimming the whole room pitch black and making the LED strips dance like it was raining. It’s just something you have to see with your own eyes!

There were some interactive rooms/displays as well but I can’t say those were better than my favorite one! It is definitely A MUST SEE place if it’s your first time in Tokyo, or just wanna go somewhere cool. And if you’re a social media junkie, you’ll be sure to leave with some bomb content/photos!

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