QUICK Taegu Hand Rolls (Korean Food) | No Talk, Just Eat! | ASMR | Mukbang

What’s good everybody!

I’m back with another food video! Went to our local swap meet over the weekend and found the “Taegu Lady” there. This particular lady makes some bomb Taegu because she’s one of those old (well not old old but I would consider her old) Korean lady’s that seems like she been making traditional Korean food ever since she was a little girl. Many locals seem to know her and she also remembers her regulars when people flock to the swap meet. Now if you have no idea what a swap meet is, it’s basically a flea market. She makes sample hand rolls that she gives out for people to taste and that’s how I knew what I wanted to eat this night.


I bought a bag of soft, HOT taegu from her (TAEGU is a popular korean side dish or food which means cod fish in korean) and went to my local Korean supermarket (Palama Market) to pick up Korean seaweed to keep it as authentic as possible lol.

Now you’re supposed to use sushi rice, but when I got home, I looked in the fridge and noticed I ran out of mirin, but had the other ingredients. So I skipped on the sushi rice and just made plain white rice and seasoned it with a little kikkoman shoyu (soy sauce), since the seaweed was already seasoned as well. I didn’t want it too salty or too extra.

Making it is super simple! If you’re using sushi rice, that’s probably the thing that’s gonna take up most of your time to make. But since I used plain white rice, I was able to wrap up 8 or 9 rolls. Now don’t quote me because I forgot how many rolls I made and it might be a different number in the video lol.

But enjoy this video of me making and eating some bomb taegu hand rolls! Shout out to that lady who sells the taegu at the swap meet!

Click here to see the ingredients used to make these hand rolls!

Try this out for yourself and see how you like it and let me know down in the comments how it was!

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