Michelle Yee

From the first time handling a DSLR camera from a homie to getting my own, what started as a hobby has turned into a potentially life long career for me as well as a gateway to meeting new friends in the photography world.  Honestly, I picked up my own camera so I could take “nice” photos for my tumblr xP  From there, my curiosity got the best of me & my interests in cars & models brought me to where I am today.  Sounding hella cliche’, I started from the bottom practicing on homies cars, homies girlfriends, and my own friends.  My first actual model that I worked with was Jenny Chu and that was an awesome experience!  From there, it was either I keep doing my thing and stay grinding, or this was just a one time thing.  After that, I knew this was something I really wanted to do.  Getting to work & meet these models you hear about all over the social networks or see in magazines, is like meeting a celebrity or something lol, well to me that is.  But what starts off as working as business partners can sometimes develop into friendships overseas (from me living in Hawaii and majority of the models I’ve worked with live on the mainland lol).  I try to stay connected with everyone I work with.

Before actually meeting a model in person, many questions run through my head and I wonder to myself like what their personality is like, or if she’s nice, etc.  I also consider all the models I get a chance to work with my home girl and one of those home girls is Michelle Yee.  I wondered many questions and it turned out she was exactly what I thought of her.  She’s fun to work with, outgoing, hella experienced and knows what she’s doing.  I hardly had to direct her during the shoot, and she’s just an awesome model in general!  It was me & the homie @tb_production shooting and since we only had a limited amount of hours to work with her, we got straight to business.  Michelle wasn’t a shy girl either.  With my mind intrigued with a raw, street style, she was open to my visions of shooting even though I had her in nothing but a bikini, in public, against one of those storage containers.  Shortly after, we moved to the beach since it was a hot sunny day that day.  It was a perfect day for a beach shoot.  Michelle even brought her LA colors and wore a Lakers colored bikini, if any of you Lakers fans out there care lol.  I know she also came down with her home girl Nikita Esco, but we didn’t have the chance to work with her too, due to limited & colliding schedules.  I wish we got to work with both of them though, that would’ve been cool.  But enough of the chit chat, go check out the photos of Michelle below!  If you plan on sharing my photos just be sure to give a shout, it ain’t that hard!  Here let me help you a little, give a shout to @sphotohi.

S/O to the homie TB-Productions, always catching footage & Michelle Yee for taking the time out of her busy schedule to work with us.

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