Dannie Riel

OMFG Dannie Riel!  Lol.  I’m pretty sure a lot of people’s dreams came true that night of HIN 2012.  I would say about half of the show was standing in line just to take a picture and get an autograph with Dannie.  If you were at the show and saw the line, you’d agree with me when I say that line was crazy!  Anyways, I’ve heard of Dannie from before, which was before I got serious into my photography, and I never would’ve thought I’d get the chance to shoot such a beautiful & awesome model like her.  Everytime I heard her name, I would think of this video.  That was the first video I saw of her and the idea of wanting to work with her came about when I showed the homies the video.  When we got word that she was coming down to Hawaii for Hot Import Nights 2012, we knew we had to get on it and book her asap!  My hopes came true, and I’m pretty sure the rest of the crew felt the same, when we got the chance to work and spend almost the entire day with Dannie.  I know for a fact that Esther was hella stoked when she got the opportunity to do Dannie’s hair the night of HIN and the next day for our shoot lol.

First we met up with Esther & Jared  at The Modern hotel to meet Dannie before we got to shooting.  Then we went to Cromwells (I don’t know the other name people call this beach) since it was a nice & beautiful day to shoot at the beach.  Dannie is such a great model and person to be around.  She’s so fun and her personality is so bubbly haha.  Of course she is a professional, so when we got down to shooting I just let her do her thing and only made limited suggestions on poses. All of the photos came out great too…well duh they all came out great because Dannie is so photogenic!  I would love to show y’all all the photos, but sorry people, I have to keep it limited.  There would be too much to post up!  Anyways, I just want to say that me and the crew are thankful for having the opportunity to work with the one and only Dannie Riel.  She is another model that I can add to my list of “Most coolest models that I’ve worked with”.  Dannie if you’re reading this, please come back down to Hawaii again, and I’m speaking on behalf of majority of the island lol.

Peep the BTS video by: TB-Productions

Peep the lovely photos of Dannie below & if you plan on sharing these photos anywhere, just give out a proper shout!  Give the credit where it’s due, that’s all I ask.  Enjoy!

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