Mia Valerio

I know some of y’all have been anticipating the next feature of Mia Valerio for some time now and I just got around to pulling some loose ends together with her and finally able to publish it for y’all!  It’s always a blast working with her and I’m glad I booked her the first time I shot with her!  Her personality is just down to earth and it’s like y’all been homies forever when you get to know her.  It’s always a good time when ever the homies & I link up with her.  There’s never a dull moment.  Too bad she decided to skip out on the social networks though!  I know many took notice when she had announced that she’d be deleting her IG.  See when there’s too many snakes out there in the world!  I can’t go into details about anything but I shake my head to those low life folks!  So to all you Mia fans out there, take in as much of her as you can because here is one of the few recent features that you’ll find of her!  Who knows, maybe I’ll link up with her again in the future and get another shoot in!  But for now, enjoy this latest shoot I had with her and if y’all planning on using any of my photos or reposting them, don’t be a dumb ass and try to photo shop or crop my watermark out.  Also, give a some credit, that’s all I ask.

Shouts to Mia for always being down to work with us when ever she comes back to the islands, the homie TB-Productions who always got my back, and to the rest of the crew that was there to help out during this day!

Get to know Mia

AGE: 28
November 16
105 lbs.
Half Filipino/Half Mermaid
Gray w/ Colored Contacts

What are your turn-ons?
“Clean sheets, clean counters, clean floors, but dirty everything else”

What are your turn-offs?
“Bad hygiene”

Do you have any pet peeves?
“Too may, I have OCD! LOL”

How did you start modeling?
“Attending car shows”

Do you have a favorite model?
“Stephanie Chapman & Emily Sears”

What’s your favorite food?
“Spanish (Puerto Rican, Cuban), Korean, Sushi

What do you like to do for fun?
“Traveling, outdoor activities, pretending to swim in the bath tub”

Do you have any hidden talents?
“Yes, but it’s all hidden”

What do you plan to achieve from all of this?
“Graduating school of hard knocks”

Any future plans?
“Adopting a child from a different country”

List down any other things you would want the viewers to know about you.
“I love you with my big ol’ thighs after school ;)”


Mia Valerio Part I

It is that time where I put out another one of my model features!  So those of you that’s been posted with some of my photography adventures may know that I’ve worked with a handful of models in the past and they all have turned out to be wonderful people!  Out of the handful, there are a select few that made it to my “favorite models” list.  I won’t mention any other names but Mia is most definitely one of those few!  Before I meet/work with a new model, I always think up, what they would be like/how they are in person, in my head and majority of the time, I am dead wrong (no offense to any of those I’ve worked with in the past :P)!

Mia Valerio aka Cali Cupcake is one the chillest, most down to earth females I’ve ever met in my life.  So laid back and also a great sense of humor.  She even clowns on you when you least expect it!  But when it comes down to business, she means business and grind mode turns on for Mia.  Those of y’all that worked with her know what I’m talking about.  When you get to snapping, she’s there switching it up waiting on you to catch the next shot.  I like that in a model; Experience.  That’s one thing I look for in who ever I work with.  Next thing would be their personality & just like Mia’s booty, she definitely does NOT lack any of that!  Y’all would have so much fun with her believe me!

Any who, this is just part I of her many features you’ll see on here because when ever she comes back to the island, the crew is always ready for her.  Part II is just around the corners too guys so stay up on that & keep a look out!  She came down for this passed SPOCOM show.  So if y’all missed her for any reason, don’t worry because I got your dose of this Cali Cupcake all on here!  Follow Mia on IG too if for some stupid reason y’all ain’t! @miavalerio

Shouts to Mia Valerio for taking the time out to work with me & the crew, and also to the crew that @tb_production@reupsc, @kittykat808 & @deleonaire!

Peep Mia’s photos of Part I below and if y’all plan to share my photos, don’t forget to give me a muthafuckin’ shout!  It ain’t hard…here let me help, just type out @sphotohi, and you should be good.

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