Revision Audio’s Accords

Honda Accords are easily affordable, great on gas, & hella reliable.  I’ve noticed that not too many people see the potential that these cars have if you build it right.  I mean there ain’t no right or wrong way to build any car, but if you got an Accord & your car is being labeled as “chronic”, then your car must look chronic lol!  Anyway, these two roll with Revision Audio and you know when you hear that crew name, you’ll expect to see an awesome build.  Scott Miyata, aka “JDM-CD5”, owner of the 94 Accord, and Christie, aka “Ms. Airess, Miss Christie, or Kurisutii”, owner of the 2007 Accord, are both members of the world famous Revision Audio team and are also close friends too.  At first, I just had the intentions of shooting Scott’s car, when I asked him through one of my spotted posts, then he replied back mentioning that I should do a double feature with his home girl, Ms. Airess.  You know what they say, 2 is always better than 1, so I might as well shoot two sick cars instead of just one!  After meeting these two, they’re just like any other cool people I’ve met through my shoots.  I’m glad I’m able to make new friends from doing what I love to do.

Anyways, I know some of you might wonder why some people build their car the way they do, or what made them get into that type of style, or whatever else pops into your head.  Well, you’re about to find out why Scott & Christie were able to turn out such awesome builds right now!  Inspiration is everywhere and inspiration can arise from anything.  Scott wanted something that stood out from the rest of the crowd.  He wanted to be different & have the best of both worlds.  To achieve his goals with his Accord, he swapped his motor for more power and as a wow factor, he bagged his car.  As for Christie, she always had love for Honda’s and also really wanted a sedan, so when the opportunity came up, she quickly jumped on the deal!  Both reasons sound pretty legit for having their cars turn out the way they are today.  I should also mention that they are no stranger to the world of cars.  Both of them were always into cars, especially Scott.  Since his dad was a car guy, his dad was into domestic muscle cars, so Scott was into the old school Chevy’s, Cadillac’s, etc.  Future plans for their never ending projects are endless.  You can have up to a million ideas with what you want to do with your build.  For Christie, she has plans to pick up the new Accuair i-Level, a body kit, new paint color, & probably some undecided engine mods.  As for Scott, his main goal is go do things the right way with no cutting corners in building his motor and possibly turbo his bad boy!  

At the end of the shoot, we gathered around Christie’s car and were just talking stories, when all of a sudden she blew her front drivers side air bag.  It was still manageable (but I wouldn’t say “safe” to drive) so she had her fiance, Hien, follow her home while Scott and her friend Megan lead the way.  The next morning, Christie woke up to discover that her front passenger air bag had blown too sometime during the night, so an automatic call was made to Samson to order new bags, which made it just in time for the past WEKFEST show.  Just a little story I wanted to share to close their feature, compliments of Christie.  I also can’t wait to see what these 2 end up accomplishing in the future.  I just know everything will turn out so sick!

Personal thanks & shouts:

Christie – I just want to say thank you to Hien, Scott, Megan, Samson, Shin, Myron, Raymond, Glenn, Kurt, Dylan, and James for your help in replacing my bags!  I also want to thank Sean & Timmy for the opportunity to do this photo shoot!

Scott – I want to thank all the friends that I’ve met throughout the years. I’ve been in the show scene since 2005 with HAOC (Hawaii accord owners club) 2007-present with Team Revision. Honda Tuning for my first magazine/hawaii exposure. My friends at LS automotive & of course SPhoto for making the impossible possible.




OEM Honda Door Visors

OEM Honda Decklid Spoiler

OEM 03-05 Honda Accord Front Lip

OEM Honda Accord Hybrid Tail Lights

OEM Honda Accord EX Side Skirts

Roof Spoiler

Acura TSX Exhaust Tips

Honda Inspire Fog Lights

Under Door LED’s

Door Handle LED’s

LED Switch Back Signal Bulbs

Duello Crystal License Plate Bolts


Clazzio Custom Seat Covers

Garson Crystal Door Lock Knobs

JDM Rear Crystal Dome Light

Full LED Interior Lights


Weds maverick 010S

  • Front 19 x 8.5

  • Rear 19 x 9.5


AirRunner Air Suspension Kit

Accuair E-Level System

Custom Dropped Front Struts

Acura TL Type S Sway Bar


JDM Honda Inspire Engine Cover

Greddy Oil Cap


GROM Audio USB Interface



Dark Otter Metallic paint
GReddy front lip
Wings West side skirts
Wings West rear lip
Mugen front grille
Mugen trunk spoiler
VIP-style roof spoiler


JDM CL1 Accord Recaro seats
Takata 4-point safety harnesses
Mugen pedal set
Mugen shift knob
APEX’i harness bar


SSR VF1 18×9 +37 LO-disc front, 18×10 +11 LO-disc rear
Yokohama S-Drive 215/35-18 front, 225/35-18 rear


Air Runner sleeved shocks
Air Runner air tank
Air Runner air pressure switch
Air Runner wiring and plumbing kit
Viair 380cc compressor


Injen intake
K&N air filter
Megan Racing header
APEX’i World Sport 2 exhaust
MSD 10.2mm spark plug wires
DeM2Y4 5-speed transmission
Exedy Stage 1 clutch


Alpine IVA300 head unit
Alpine Type S speakers
8-inch DD subwoofer
DEI back-up camera
Custom red LED strips on top of all doors, front, and rear glass
Custom white LED strips on bottom of all doors

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