WEKFEST Hawaii 2013

 It’s the second year WEKFEST came out to Hawaii to hold down another show! The turn out was awesome compared to last year, with new cars lined up & they even flew in some models, such as Eva Skye, Ashley Kim, Beckie Joon, & Amy Fay, just to name a few, that were eye candy for everyone.  The home girl, Ashley Vee was there also, kickin’ it in Morals Fiber’s booth.  Surprisingly she remembered all of us and greeted all of us with a hug :]   The local crews came out hard, lined up next to one another. Empire VIP car club came out with a uniform paint job of flat black. They looked hella aggressive! Revision Audio always holds it down with all of their builds and elegance of their cars. Team Mansu accompanied their booth with Eve & CJ Miles, who put on quite a show for everyone to see! They came out hard too with all of their cars. It was a fun but tiring event for everyone that participated.  Due to an incident after the show, it looks like there won’t be any car events held at the Ward parking structure until further notice.  I won’t get into detail, but it involves some unnecessary events that occurred which lead to losing the privilege of having future events there. Overall, it was an awesome show this year. Congratulations to everyone that won something and to everyone that didn’t win anything, but just enjoyed the company of being around such a great car community here in Hawaii.  Peep the rest of the show below and if you’re going to share any of my photos, be cool and give some credit!

S/O to WEKSOS, all of the participants, all of the car crews, and everyone that took part in this event!

WEKFEST Hawaii 2013 Video
Video By: TB-Production



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