Twice in one year, JSPIRIT brought UNITED ROYALS to Hawaii again, but not at the usual C.O.R.P parking lot in Waipio.  The venue changed to Kaka’ako where eat the streets is usually held.  I wish I had made it out to the show/meet from when it started so I could have gotten a lot more coverage, but there were a fair amount of sick cars left when I got there.  I also noticed a JDM couple walking around, checking out the cars and everything.  They stuck out like a sore thumb, that you know for a fact they weren’t from Hawaii.  I also saw that they got the Hawaii hospitality from the JSPIRIT booth, getting a few free shirts, stickers, license plate frames, etc.  Must be nice for them and also a great way to make new friends!  I think the turnout would’ve been a lot more better too if those that went up to Vegas for the SEMA show had been here.  Nonetheless though, in my opinion, JSPIRIT never fails to put an awesome meet together.  So cutting the reading short, scroll down for the coverage!


JSPIRIT has done it this year once again, pulling off one of the most successful car “meats” Hawaii’s ever had, and did I mention that it was free!  Assuming United Royals started off as an inaugural event, from successfully having an awesome turn out the first time, it now became an annual event for all the car enthusiasts out there.  I even saw on IG something about United Royals being held in Japan also.  Big ups to the JSPIRIT team!  This years turn out was awesome too.  I overheard a few “critics” while at the meet, some mentioning how last year had a better turn out, or this year was even better that last year, or just being neutral and realizing that both times the event was held was a blast no matter the outcome.  I’m one of those neutral people.  I thought this was a fun and relaxing day to spend a Sunday afternoon with homies and other people that share the same interest as you.  The JSPIRIT team linked up with EMPIRE on a collaboration with the event.  Hella nice cars & trucks came out and even bikes too.  One thing that really caught my eye was the drift trike!  That thing was sick and looked hella fun to ride.  If you weren’t at C.O.R.P that Sunday afternoon, then what the hell were you doing that day?!  There was no other place you could be on that chill Sunday afternoon!  I’m looking forward to United Royals next year & the new builds that are bound to pop up.  I’ll always try to make it out to events and cover whatever I can.  Peep the photos below and don’t forget to give a shout to @sphotohi if you plan on posting it somewhere else and don’t be cropping out my watermark because that thist ain’t cool.  I tried to take a photo of everyone, but if you don’t see your car in here, then I’m sorry.  There’s always next time!

S/O to the JSPIRIT team & EMPIRE VIP FAMILY for holding down a fun event!

Peep the video coverage by the homie TB-Productions

2012The team from JSPIRIT presented Hawaii’s car enthusiasts from all over the island with United Royals.  This was a FREE, well organized, and relaxing car meet/bbq.  Good company & awesome cars flooded the big parking lot located at the back of C.O.R.P.  This meet was kind of like Supremacy’s lowrider meets that would take place a Kaka’ako, but instead of lowriders, it was jdm, vip, race, and drift cars.  I saw a lot of familiar faces and cars but I also made some new friends as well.  Stay tuned for those features when I get around to working with those new friends of mine.  I also can’t think of anymore things to say about this one haha.  I guess this is where the phrase, “pictures are worth a thousand words”, comes into play.  But all in all, it was a really great turn out for a free event.  Ups to everyone at JSPIRIT for throwing down a successful meet!

Check out the rest of the photos below and stay up for the next feature!  Oh and if you’re a cool person and you plan on sharing/using/posting/whatevers with my photos, all I ask is for you to give  credit where credit is due.

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