Arts In Motion

Arts In Motion; A show presented by Street Dreams went into full effect at the Aloha Stadium this past weekend.  It was a show dedicated to enthusiasts all around from lowriders, trucks, imports, euro, american, etc.  I was also filled with activities and attractions everyone would enjoy from the model lounge to car hops, car & truck limbo, and even a booty contest to name a few.  I saw what went on throughout the day on Instagram while I was at work and it looked like everyone was having a blast!  I wish I could have made it there earlier, but I got off work around late afternoon and made it to the show during the evening.  It was still going strong though although everyone that entered had a hella long day from being there since morning.  Overall it was a pretty great turn out.  Maybe one day, the stadium shows would be twice as big than last time.  I would also like to congratulate everyone that won!  All your hard work hasn’t gone to waste & it surely paid off!  Also to everyone else that entered, y’all cars were sick too!  

This month was a hectic & expensive month filled with 2 shows, Christmas, & the New Year coming up!  Everyone must be broke by now lol!  ‘Til the next show, keep a look out for future event coverage & have a happy holidays from SPhoto!

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