Traffic Jam 2

Photos & words by: a_wak

“When you hear the word Traffic Jam you think of a bunch of cars packed in a small area; usually on the road.  However, in this case the “traffic jam” was in a parking lot and there were a lot of quality builds being show…..continue reading

Hot Import Nights 2014 (March)

HIN came around a bit early this year.  Everyone’s used to prepping around the winter time for this last show of the year but I’m guessing there will be HIN twice this year.  In my opinion, it was an okay show because the turn out was kind…..continue reading

LowerStandards Presents: The Takeover

Lower Standards is an online site that is dedicated to the car scene with the main focus of the imports, stance, drift, and the culture around the import scene.  They recently hosted, “The Takeover”, a meet which was held here on Oahu at the Podium Raceway in Kapolei.  Andrew mentioned that he had a shoot prior to the meet so he wasn’t focused on getting there on time.  However…..continue reading